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Quiz: Which of These LEGO Ninjago Characters Are You Most Like?

Think you know which Ninjago character you are? Lloyd? Cole? Nya? Take this quick quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 30th 2023

Lego Ninjago is a brick-based TV show featuring six young ninja warriors who are learning the ways of Spinjitzu under the watchful eye of their patient teacher.

Master Wu knows pretty much everything about this ancient martial arts discipline and by training his young students, they will help him protect their home from all sorts of baddies who basically didn't get out of bed and dressed to help anyone in their path. They're out to cause all kinds of mayhem and destruction, which will just not do!

The show isn't just about Lego figures doing impressive back flips and impressive martial arts moves. It's about team work, sticking together and helping your pals.

And it's worth paying attention to Master Wu, as well, even though you're strictly not in his Spinjitzu class. The wise educator says: "Focus on your adversary, no matter how insignificant. Make its strength your strength, and an enemy can be turned into a friend."

Lovely words from the teacher there, we're sure you'll agree.

This personality quiz has been created using ancient Spinjitzu texts and multiple viewings of the show, all in the name of research. We may have recreated our favourite scenes to really, really get into the minds of the characters, and offer the best Ninjago character quiz on the internet!

So which character do you think you're most like? You might be like Ny or Cole. You could also be more of a Kai, Lloyd, Zane or Jay. This quiz – which features 12 simple questions – will give you a definitive answer, which will allow you to concentrate on enjoying the show or pouring out your Lego bricks on the floor and building some awesome scenes from the show.

Once you've tackled this personality quiz and have been assigned a character from the show, why not try some more of our Lego Ninjago quizzes? We've got the ultimate Ninjago trivia quiz which will really test any fan of the show. If you're a fan of Lego and Marvel, we've got an awesome trivia quiz for you too!

Good luck!


Which of these is your favourite food?


2/12 What is your greatest strength?


What is your biggest weakness?


4/12 Which of these is the best name for a pet? Or at least, a pet dragon...


What is your weapon of choice?


6/12 OK... speaking of vehicles, which of these would you choose to drive, fly or ride?


If you weren't a ninja, what would you be?


8/12 If you could choose anywhere to go on holiday, where would it be? 


If you were just lounging around in casual clothes, what would you wear?


10/12 Which of these is your lucky number?


If you could transform into any animal, what would it be?


12/12 Finally, which of these qualities is most important to you?

You are Lloyd, Master of Energy!

You are Lloyd, the Master of Energy and Ultimate Spinjitzu Master! You have an impish side and love to play pranks, but you have the potential to grow into a fearless leader and defeat ultimate evil of the Overlord!

You are Kai, Master of Fire!

You are Kai, the Master of Fire! You're hot-headed and impulsive, and quick to anger when someone gets on your bad side. You'll rush recklessly into action when you think it's needed, but you're fiercely loyal to your friends.

You are Jay, Master of Lightning!

You are Jay, the Blue Ninja and Master of Lightning! You're sweet-natured and chatty, but your knowledge of technology and skill at making people laugh mean that you're the heart of any team.

You are Cole, Master of Earth!

You are Cole, Master of Earth! You're a level-headed and super-powerful warrior, willing to defy authority when you think it's worth doing. You're the bedrock of any team you're on and have the potential to keep getting stronger!

You are Zane, Master of Ice!

You are Zane, the Master of Ice! You are spiritual and wise, able to keep a cool head even when the going gets tough. You're not sure that you really know who you are and what you want to be, but people still rely on you to keep things together. Go you! 

You are Nya, Master of Water!

You are Nya, Master of Water! You are a master of everything you try... almost. You feel bad if you ever fail at something, but you've learned you have to get up and try again. You're happy working on your own or in a team, and people look up to and admire you!