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Which Winter Olympic Sport Should I Do Quiz?

Which wintery pursuit is your destiny? Find out with this totally cool quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 8th 2023

It's that time of the year! A time of cold, frost and hopefully snow! But do you ever wonder what it'd be like to play in the ice professionally? Some athletes do! If you love watching the Winter Olympics you've probably wondered which sport you'd be best at - are you a figure skater, or do you love to smash it on the ice as a hockey player? Take this personality quiz and find out! Don't forget some of our other sporting quizzes - try an Olympic swimming quiz, find out which athlete you are, or find which Olympic sport you should watch!

1/10 A pair of mittens holding a snowy heart emoji

It's snowing! What are you up to?

2/10 A woman dancing next to a singing cat

What's your favourite PE activity?

3/10 Santa throwing a snowball at a weather reporter

Pick a weather condition

4/10 A group of people celebrating Christmas

What's the best part of Christmas?

5/10 A snow fox curls up on the snow

What winter creature would be your daemon?

6/10 A group of Disney princesses

Pick a Disney princess!

7/10 The Hogwarts house shield

What Hogwarts house are you in?

8/10 Someone waking up after a bad dream

What's your biggest nightmare?

9/10 A boy with a selection of pencil cases

What's your pencil case like?

10/10 Greek mythological creatures

What's the coolest Greek mythological creature?

Result: Figure skating

Figure skating

You'd be a great figure skater! You're probably already a good dancer, and you've got the elegance and showmanship to win the gold!

Figure skating: skiing


You'd be a champion skiier! You're very precise and on the ball, and you've got your eyes on the prize! Just make sure you avoid hidden ditches!

Result: Luge


You should try luge! You're quirky and a little out there, and you also love thrilling sports! You can do this pursuit alone or with a buddy - what could be better?

Result: Ice hockey

Ice hockey

You could be an ice hockey player! You're probably good at regular hockey, so why not spice it up with a pair of skates? You're a team player and have a great aim, so why not channel it towards an Olympic gold?