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Which Shaun the Sheep Character is Your Bestie?

Which of Shaun and his mates are you most likely to want to hang out with? There's only way to find out - with this epic Shaun the Sheep bestie quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  March 24th 2023

Which of the Shaun the Sheep characters would you most like to hang out with? It's time to find out with this Shaun the Sheep bestie quiz! Answer some questions and we'll match you up with your Shaun the sheep pal! And if you liked this, check out more personality quizzes here! How about finding out which Harry Potter character is your best friend? Or maybe you want to know more about friendship? We've also got this cool Friends quiz on the Friends Friends, so you can find out which Friend would be your friend!


1/10 Choose a farmer

2/10 Goat singing

Choose a farming related song

3/10 Wooly clothes and question marks

Pick something woolly

4/10 A sheepdog and sheep and yellow splats
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What do you value most in a friend?

5/10 Wallace and Gromit
A Grand Day Out | Aardman, NFTS | NFTS | Rob Copeland | Nick Park

Choose another Aardman production

6/10 Derpy sheep

Choose a sheep breed

7/10 Silly chicken and arrow

Pick another farmyard animal

8/10 Cool dog and cat in the park

How would you most like to spend your day?

9/10 Horrible Histories
Horrible Histories | Lion TV, Citrus TV | CBBC

Pick another TV show

10/10 Snoozy dog

Where do you most like to nap?

Shaun the Sheep Result
Shaun the Sheep | Aardman Animation | CBBC


Your bestie would be Shaun! You love getting into mischief, high jinks, shenanigans - you name it, you've tried it! There's nothing you love more than having fun!

Farmer result
Shaun the Sheep | Aardman Animation | CBBC

The Farmer!

Your bestie would be the farmer! You're more laid back and fun than people think, and even though you've got a lot of responsibility, you love nothing more than chilling out with a stalk of straw in your mouth!

Bitzer Result
Shaun the Sheep | Aardman Animation | CBBC


Your bestie would be Bitzer! You love planning fun days out and looking out for others, although sometimes it can get a bit boring being the 'sensible' one!

Timmy Result
Shaun the Sheep | Aardman Animation | CBBC


Your bestie would be Timmy! You love having adventures, although they can be a little scary sometimes! People underestimate you, but you've got a big heart, and you're braver than you think!