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Which Sidemen Member Are You?

Which member of the Sidemen squad are you most like? Find out by taking this highly scientific quiz!

1/10 Nick name badge

Pick a nickname!

2/10 Sidemen
Sidemen | YouTube

How would your friends describe you?

3/10 A colour chart

Pick a colour!

4/10 A football fan holding a ball

What's your favourite football team?

5/10 A man getting a haircut

Pick a hairstyle!

6/10 A man thinking about gaming and Brussels sprouts

What do you enjoy the most?

7/10 Apps

Pick an app!

8/10 Takeaway food

What is your favourite food?

9/10 A man polishing a new car

What's your favourite car right now?

10/10 A superhero bellowing something loudly

What are you most likely to say?

@sidemen | Instagram

You are: Behzinga!

You love to go running, support West Ham and your real name is actually Ethan!

@sidemen | Instagram

You are: Miniminter!

You support Leeds United. And Watford. And Manchester United. Your real name is Simon and you're not actually made of mints.

@sidemen | Instagram

You are: KSI!

When you're not being a YouTube legend, you also rap, act and box as well! Real name? Olajide!

@sidemen | Instagram

You are: Vikkstar123!

You're awesome at Minecraft and have a superhero alter-ego called Helmet Boy. Your real name is Vikram!

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