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Which Sith Are You?

Sidious or Snoke? Find out which Sith Lord is most like you with this epic Star Wars quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Are you a human?


What kind of planet are you from?

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Pick a weapon:


What are you eating for dinner tonight?


What did you do before you became a Sith?

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Pick an outfit:


What's your greatest power?

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Which one of these things is most annoying?


Your worst habit is...

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Pick a quote:

You're Darth Vader!

You're the original and possibly most powerful Sith Lord ever - Darth Vader! You were born Anakin Skywalker (yep - Luke's dad), and was a Jedi until you turned to the dark side. You're most famous for building the Death Star and having a very chesty cold. Ahem!

You're Darth Sidious!

Also known as Emperor Palpatine, you tricked the Universe into thinking you were a perfectly normal creepy politician. But actually, you're a Sith Lord that paved the way for the New Order to take control of the galaxy. You're a very cunning Sith master, and can shoot lightning out of your hands - which makes for a great party trick if nothing else.

You're Supreme Leader Snoke!

You were created by Darth Sidious and have spent your life working for the Dark Side. You're not a typical Sith and you rarely use a lightsaber - as you much prefer using the force to control the minds of your victims. Your big plan is to use Kylo Ren to destroy the Jedi, but you haven't had much luck with that so far...

You're Darth Maul!

You're an older Sith master with a very mysterious back story. You're a horned, tattooed alien from the planet Dathomir, and you were trained by Darth Sidious to help hunt the Jedi. You're a skilled assassin and are famous for wielding a double edged lightsaber. Nice.