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Epic Which Star Wars Character Are You Quiz!

Find out which character from Star Wars best suits you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 4th 2022

Ever since the first Star Wars film – A New Hope – was released a long time ago in a galaxy, far, far away (well, Earth in 1977), the most blam of space stories has earned millions of loyal fans over the last few decades with a series of awesome films and animated TV shows.

Star Wars mastermind George Lucas has created some of the greatest characters to ever appear on the screens at your local cinema and on TV screens in homes across the world.

At the beginning, we were introduced to the most heroic of heroes, Luke Skywalker – played by Beano superfan Mark Hamill – and the bickering robotic duo, C-3PO and R2-D2. There was the awesome Princess Leia, the space pirate Han Solo and his towering co-pilot Chewbacca. 

Then there was the baddest of baddies, Darth Vader and his evil leader, known as the Emperor. That’s not to mention their legions of loyal stormtroopers. 

More recently, we were introduced to new heroes in the newer films  like The Last Jedi, The Force Awakens and Rogue One – take a bow Rey Skywalker, Finn and Jyn Erso. Not Kylo Ren, though. If ever a character needed to sit on a galactic naughty step, it was that character.

If you’ve seen one or all of the Star Wars films, you’d be forgiven for letting your mind wander during the slower parts of the story and asking yourself, which character am I most like? 

It’s perfectly understandable. There’s so many different characters to choose from, who all have very different personalities and roles in the story. 

Maybe you see yourself as a cheeky Han Solo type, or perhaps you picture yourself as Rey. Maybe, gasp, you’re Kylo Ren. Or you might have decided that you’re similar to a Porg, who look very much like a puffin with lips.

The science fiction team at Beano HQ have created a very special personality quiz to answer your burning Star Wars character question. All you have to do is carefully answer the following questions, then our computer will go through the data in a flash and will provide you with your answer. 

Are you ready? Then may the Force be with you!

1/10 Star Wars characters on the beach

What are you planning to do for your next holiday?

2/10 A Star Wars baddie and a TIE fighter

Would you rather...

3/10 Greedo and a top secret file

What's your ideal job?

4/10 Darth Vader and a pencil case

Someone scribbles all over your favourite pencil case. What do you do?

5/10 A Chewbacca lookalike and a mirror ball which looks like the Death Star

Where do you call home?

6/10 Rey and BB-8

What's your favourite droid?

7/10 Obi Wan and a light saber

What's your favourite weapon?

8/10 R2-D2 and C3PO

Someone gives you an invite to their birthday party. What do you do?

9/10 R2-D2 and the Emperor

Who's your best friend?

10/10 Kylo Ren and a front door

You lost your house keys and your phone is out of battery. What do you do?

Result: Han Solo

You are Han Solo!

You're a fast-thinking, wise-cracking galactic smuggler! Well done!

Result: Rey

You are Rey!

Rey is a super-tough scavenger from the Planet Jakku! She's much more than that though, and might be one of the most important people in the galaxy!

Result: Porg

You are a Porg!

Congratulations! You're one of those cute birds that live on Luke Skywalker's island!

Result: Kylo Ren

You are Kylo Ren!

You're Han Solo's moody son. Cheer up!