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Which Star Wars Clone Trooper Are You?

Are you a Scuba Trooper, or would you do well in the icy cold?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 23rd 2023

When Star Wars first came out, waaayyyy back in 1977, there was only one kind of trooper - the Stormtroopers! The universe has expanded so much though that now there are more types of trooper than you can count! There's a basic difference between the Stormtroopers and the clone troopers - the Stormtroopers are soldiers, while the clone troopes are (you guessed it) clones, made from the DNA of Jango Fett. This means that lots of different types of 'trooper have appeared over the years, and many of them are of the clone variety! We've handpicked some of the best and arranged them into a neat quiz for you - who are you most like? And we've got more Star Wars personality quizzes for you - find out if you're Jedi or Sith, or which Star Wars lady you are, or even which droid you are!


Pick an element


Who's your favourite Star Wars hero?


You're being attacked by droids! What do you do?


Pick a toastie


What's your favourite kind of movie?


What's your dream holiday?


Pick a non-Star Wars franchise


Pick a Disney Princess


What's your favourite thing to do at a fairground?


Pick an extreme sport

Scuba Trooper

You're most at home in the water, and your clone trooper type reflects that! You're an adventurer at heart and willing to go to any lengths to get results!

Flame Trooper

You're a fiery kinda person, and your clone type reflects that! You're impulsive and always ready to dive headfirst into whatever challenges face you!

Jetpack Trooper

You're a fun person and your clone trooper type reflects that! If you could have a superpower it would be flight, and you love to goof around!

Cold Assault Trooper

You're good at coming out on top no matter the odds, and your clone type reflects that! You're a great friend and always give the best advice - everyone should take a leaf out of your book!