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Which the Addams Family Character Are You?

The Addams Family are back, and spookier than ever! But which of them are you most like?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 7th 2023

From Wednesday to Cousin Itt there are some wonderfully spooky characters in the Addams family. But which member of this strange ol’ family are you most like? There’s only one place to find out and as ever, that’s right here! So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!


What is your favourite colour?


There is a werewolf outside the house, what do you do?


What is your favourite genre of music?


What would you rather do on a rainy day?


How do you like your eggs?


There is a dog in the bath, what do you do?


It’s cold outside, which item of clothing do you take?


How many candles do you own?


What is your favourite type of flower?


What fruit do you feel like today?

MGM Television | Carmen Pepelea | Tim Burton

Wednesday Addams!

Heck Yes! You’ve got most in common with Wednesday, which is just as good because if we got it wrong you’ve got the skill and tenacity to track us down and make sure we changed the results! A bit like Wednesday, you know the right thing to do, even if getting there is sometimes a little bit on the risky side of things! Nice!

Cousin Itt!

Awesome! This might have something to do with how hairy you are! It might also have something to do with how you prefer to get into houses via the chimney! Or, more likely, you’ve gotten this result because of the Addams Family, Cousin Itt is by far the smartest, though it might not seem it at first!

Thing T.Thing

Amazing! You’re Thing T.Thing, or usually just Thing for short! You’re obviously much more than just a hand, well, you could be just a hand, we wouldn’t be able to tell from this side of the screen! A little bit like Thing, you love to help out when you can, even if sometimes it gets you in a bit of trouble, it’s worth it in the long run!

MGM Television | Carmen Pepelea | Tim Burton

Morticia Addams!

Nice! You’re Morticia Addams, nothing gets done in the Addams family without Morticia's say so! She knows what is best for the family, even if she might not get right into the middle of it all the time. A little bit like you, you can be a bit quiet, but you know what’s going on and how to keep on top of things. Plus you’re effortlessly cool, which is a big plus!