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Which Try Guys Video Are You?

Which one of the Try Guys videos are you?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 13th 2022

The Try Guys (Keith, Ned, Zac and Eugene) have tried LITERALLY everything! There’s nothing they won’t do on their (slightly dubious) scientific quest to discover new things, push their boundaries, eat weird food, and generally try a whole load of stuff no-one else would bother to try! They are the Try Guys after all. Which one of their videos are you most like?

@TheTryGuys | YouTube

Who’s your favourite guy?


Pick your Try Guy University Degree…

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3/10 What’s your favourite colour?


Describe yourself…


What’s your favourite film?


What’s on your Amazon wish list?

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What sport do you like to watch on TV?

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8/10 Where would you most like to go on Holiday?

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What’s your favourite snack?

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Complete this sentence: “In an emergency I…”

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You’re the The Try Guys Get Nail Extensions!

You’re fun, frivalous and fabulous. You’d fit right into the the video where the Try Guys get Nail Extensions!

Keith Eats Everything At Carl's Jr’s Hot Dogs

You’re determined, strong and as keen as mustard! Just like Kieth in the video where Keith he eats EVERYTHING at Carl’s Hot Dogs. Literally Everything!

You’re the Try Guys Parallel Park Semi-Trucks

You’re practical, open minded and highly intellegent. All skills needed by the Try Guys in their Try Guy’s Parallel Park Semi-Trucks video!

You’re The Try Guys Make Star Wars Legos Without Instructions

You’re calm, safe and thoughtful. Great qualities for a friend when times are tough but also great for a The Try Guys Make Star Wars Lego Without Instruction Video!