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How Well Do You Know Kyron Hamilton?

You've watched all his TikToks - now get ready to see how well you know him with this fun trivia quiz! Teachers are welcome to join in, too!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 17th 2024

Kyron's best known for his hilarious skits, and if you're a fan this quiz will be a piece of cake! Test your knowledge here - do you know as much as a teacher? Or will you come bottom of the class? Don;t forget, we've got more TikTok fun, too! Why not see how well you know JVKE or Amara Chehade, or find out which TikTok star would be your best friend!


Where is Kyron from?


What kind of content is he most famous for?

Kyron Hamilton |

Where can you follow Kyron?


When was Kyron born?


What is his star sign?


What is his most popular series about?


Kyron is married - true or false?


What did Kyron study in college?


When did Kyron start making TikToks?


What is his dream job?

Uh oh - looks like you need to brush up on your Kyron Hamilton trivia! Hey, it's a good excuse to rewatch all his stuff!

Not bad at all - you enjoy watching Kyron, but you're probably more of a casual fan! It's always worth coming back and seeing if you can get a higher score!

Very good - you're a Kyron Hamilton fan for sure! Well done! Maybe one day you can come back and get a perfect score?

Wow, a PERFECT score! Well done! You're Kyron's BIGGEST fan!