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Which ZHC Artwork Are You?

Which craft masterpiece from ZHC's channel is most like you? And what does it say about your art style? Take this quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 17th 2021

You've seen this arty Youtuber's videos - but which one of his channel's masterpieces is most like you and your art style? There's only one way to find out - quiz!

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Pick an animal:


What's your biggest weakness?

@zhc | Instagram

What colour should ZHC dye his hair?


What would you rather be eating right now?


What kind of art do you most like making?

@zita_nagy | giphy

Pick an art supply:

@zhc | youtube

Pick a video by ZHC:

@zhc | instagram

Where do your ideas for art come from?


Which of these things is the hardest to draw?


Pick one:

@ZHC crafts | youtube

You're the Matchstick Dragon!

You're the dangerously flammable matchstick Dragon! Your art style is one that doesn't mind really fiddly, complicated bits - which is pretty handy as making something like this would take ages!

You're the LEGO Yoshi!

You're this epic Yoshi statue made from LEGO! You like taking inspiration from films and games, and have a good eye for colour. In this case, it's a LOT of green and white blocks!

You're the Balloon Mouse!

You're this cute ballon scultpure! You like art that makes you smile and doesn't take hours and hours, like this! Just imagine the squeaky ballon noises that would make!

You're the Watermelon Shark!

You like using unexpected objects to make your art - like this shark made out of fruit! You liek making art that's fun to make and you're not scared to make a mess. What's next? A seal made of out of broccoli? Who knows!