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Would You Pass Defence Against The Dark Arts?

Are you ready for your defence against the dark arts exam? We hope so, because here it is! Answer some magical questions and see whether you'll pass!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  April 19th 2023

Do you have what it takes to defeat You-Know-Who? Well, maybe not, but hopefully you at least have what it takes to pass this Defence Against the Dark Arts exam! So find your best quill and get going! Good luck!

1/10 Multicorn and wand

How's your patronus looking?

2/10 Pile of books and sick emoji

Have you read all of Gilderoy Lockharts books?

3/10 Magic creature with question mark

What should you do if you meet a grindylow?

4/10 Boggart coming out of wardrobe

What is your boggart?

5/10 Squib looking friendly

What should you do if you see a squib?

6/10 Man shushing in library

How good are your non verbal spells?

7/10 Old wizard with boring book

Pick a job

8/10 Potato Harry with magic shield

What's your best defensive spell?

9/10 Harry and magical creature

What would you do if you met a hinkypunk?

10/10 Beano Voldemort looking scary

Are you ready to face You-Know-Who?

Outstanding result


Outstanding! You're practically ready to take on You-Know-Who himself! Maybe you should consider a career as an auror? You're definitely ready for it!

Exceeds expectations result

Exceeds Expectations!

Looks like you've studied hard and can easily pass this exam! Nice job! For extra credit, you can always help Professor Lupin look after some of the weirder creatures he has in the classroom!

Dreadful result


Oh dear, looks like somebody didn't study very hard. Either that or your strong point is another subject - herbology perhaps? Never mind, you did your best and that's what counts!

Absent result


Hmmm, looks like you haven't even been in class your results are so low! Did you even turn up for the exam? It's obvious you hate this subject, but don't worry, that means you can drop it after this year! Phew!