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20 Chart-Topping X Factor Jokes!

Looking for some TV-tastic jokes? You'll be Simon COWLING with laughter at these shamazing X Factor funnies!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 18th 2022

Do these jokes have that star quality? Or is it a no from me? Read on and see if these X Factor jokes make it past the judges (you)! If you're looking for more jokes - and who isn't? - then make sure you check out these celebrity jokes, these TV jokes, and for something a bit different - click here for some extra clever jokes!

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How many Simon Cowell’s does it take to change a lightbulb?

13! 1 to do it, 12 to stand around saying it’s not good enough!

What did the cow sing on X Factor?

I like to moooove it mooove it!

What were X Factor winners One Direction doing in a wig shop?

Looking for Hairy Styles!

This X Factor contestant sounds like an apartment

Their voice is a little flat!

If you’ve been thinking about going on X Factor with a friend

Just duet!

Simon Cowell asked me if I can sing anything that’s not Oasis

I said maybe…!

Did you hear about the singing laptop in X Factor?

It was a Dell!

Why did the pony get voted off X factor?

He was a little hoarse!

A boy walks into his X Factor audition in floods of tears.

Judges: We have a winner for this year!

Where do birds have their songs judged? 

At the eggs factory!

What did the judges say to the monk who turned up at X Factor with no sheet music?

You've got no chants!

What did the French mushroom sing on X Factor?

We Are The Champignons!

What just happened on X Factor really shocked me!

It only had 4 advert breaks!

Do you remember when X Factor...

Was just Roman sunblock!

Why does Simon Cowell pull his trousers up to his nipples?

He cares about his high jean levels!

Jesus can turn water in wine...

But Simon Cowell can turn whining into money!

Simon Cowell spends £500k on his personal security every year.

It would be cheaper to just be nicer to people!

Letter Jokes

Did you hear about the scissors that auditioned at X Factor?

They didn’t make the cut!

What’s a chickens favorite TV show?

The Eggs Factor!

Double yolk egg

What's the best recipe for making a girl band?

Just give it a Little Mix!