5 Games like Clash of Clans

Completed the Clash? Clans come to close? Look no further than these other foes!

1. Boom Beach

Storm enemy forts while defending your own with the same addicting gameplay as Clash of Clans!

Replace your swords and sorcery with bombs and bazookas and get your hands on this game from the team behind Clash of Clans

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2. Dragon Mania Legends

Train your dragons and defend your world! You mainly focus on building your base and training your dragons, but there are some really cool battle mechanics. 

It's like Pokémon combined with Clash of Clans!

Media by Mobga
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3. Lords Mobile

Build big bases, set up huge armies and send them into massive battles! This is Clash of Clans scaled up to fight demons and monsters and other evil armies. The battles happen automatically and are really cool to watch.

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4. Clash Royale

This is Clash of Clans spin-off that's more fast-paced and frantic! Battle other players to destroy towers whilst defending yours. There's a great multiplayer element to keep even the most experienced players coming back for more.

Media by Supercell
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5. Empires and Puzzles

Expand your castle as you defend it from demons coming through an evil portal! This is a mix of 2 addicting games - build your base like Clash of Clans and then attack and destroy your enemies.

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