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5 Games like Kami 2

Pick up these apps to find your paper-folding paradise!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  May 13th 2017


Fold paper squares into different shapes as fast as you can. With challenges, loads of levels, and some great music, this origami puzzle game is a lot more fun than it might sound!

FDG Entertainment | Paperama

Match squares to your colour to gain territory. Once you control an area, defend it from intruding players without letting your colour tail get cut. This is a great PvP game, and one of our favourite .io games to come back to.

Blendoku 2

Match up squares of colour to blend from one shade to the next. This is a great puzzle game with some difficult challenges. There are also some bonus puzzles, and a global scoreboard to see if you can blend with the best!

Color 6

Match triangular tiles to create hexagons on the board. Gain points for your shapes, without taking up all the room on the board. This is like lots of other classic puzzle piece games, which are always really hard to put down!

App Store | TIGRIDO


This is a simple rubix-cube style game that balances fun with difficult puzzles. Push and pull the lines of coloured squares to match the pattern you're given. See how many moves it takes - the fewer the better!

Google Play | Keybol - Rubpix