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5 Games Like Tap Titans 2

All tapped out? Try these adventures instead.

Beano Team
Last Updated:  May 4th 2017

Clicker Heroes

Defeat enemies, collect gold, and upgrade your skills! This game has some awesome boss battles, challenges, and loads of great secrets to unlock and discover. How many achievements can you get?

RPG Clicker

Click your way through a fantasy world, where you'll encounter skeletons, animals and crazy creatures. With some great graphics, cool weapons and creepy bosses, this quick adventure is lots of fun.

Google Play | RPG Clicker


Take control of a cute postman-turned-knight for short bursts of adventure, as you level up and defeat bandits to deliver the mail on time!

Soda Dungeon

You run a tavern that serves juice, fizz, soda, and pop! Guide the visiting adventurers through the local dungeon and bring them back to spend their hard-earned gold on upgrading your tavern.

Tap Heroes

Adventure through a paper world as you collect characters and level up your own powers. Battle weird monsters and cool bonuses along the way, like rare weapons, buddies or even an inn!