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20 Hilarious Adventure Time Jokes!

Check out this collection of awesome Adventure Time jokes which will tickle your funny bone!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  March 19th 2022

Apart from Dennis and Gnasher, there's another boy-and-dog duo who we're massive fans of – Finn and Jake of Adventure Time!

We've scoured the Candy Kingdom for the funniest jokes about Adventure Time which are guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

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What is Marceline’s favourite sweet?

Haribo Fang-tastics!

Which Adventure Time character always sounds surprised?

King of Ooo!

What does Ice King have for breakfast?


What did the Earl of Lemongrab need when he hurt himself?


Why did Jake the Dog sit next to the radiator?

He wanted to be a hot dog!

What is Jake the Dog’s favourite pizza topping?


What do you call Earl of Lemongrab’s enemies?

Bitter rivals!

How many suitcases does Flame Princess take on holiday? 

Just the one – she’s travelling light!

Who’s the busiest person in the Candy Kingdom?

The dentist!

Why did the Ice King wear sunglasses indoors?

He was too cool!

Dog joke

What is Princess Bubblegum’s favourite type of music?


Why was Finn in a bad mood?

He was hat-headed!

Why does Tree Trunks always close his eyes?

For rest!

How does Ice King travel?

He rides an icicle!

What do you get if you cross Marceline with Ice King?


What did Flame Princess wear to school?

A blazer!

What Adventure Time toys do fish play with?

A doll Finn!

What is Tree Trunk’s favourite thing about Star Trek?

The Captain's log!

How did Princess Bubblegum get around the Candy Kingdom?

On a chew-chew train!

A lump of chewing gum

Why is Jake a terrible dancer?

He's got two left feet!

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