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24 Alien Jokes Which Will Rock Your World

These alien jokes are out of this world!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:Β  July 22nd 2021

These funny alien jokes are lightyears beyond other jokes!Β 

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How do aliens keep their trousers up?

With an asteroid belt!

Did you hear about the alien who was obsessed with the moon?

It was just a phase!

What's an alien's favourite part of a computer?

The space bar!

What did the alien think of the anti-gravity book?

He couldn't put it down!

Why did the alien think the spaceship was so good?

It was out of this world!

What do aliens like to eat?

Unidentified frying objects!

Why don't aliens rate earth?

It only has one star

What did one alien say to the sick alien?

Your face hasn't gone green!

How does an alien get a haircut?

Eclipse it

How do aliens organise a party?

They planet!

Why did the alien go off in his ship?

He needed some space

How do aliens pay for coffee?

They use star bucks!

Why didn't the alien enjoy the space party?

It had no atmosphere!

What do aliens like to read?

Comet books!

What's an alien's favourite chocolate bar?

A mars bar!

A smiling golden retriever in front of a galaxy background

What kind of songs do aliens listen to?


How do aliens get babies to go to sleep?

They rocket!

Why do aliens always spill their tea?

Because they have flying saucers!

What's an alien's favourite treat?


What do aliens wear when they want to look smart?

Space suits!

What do you call a spaceship that drips water?

A crying saucer!

What do you call alien eggs?


What did the alien say to the flower bed?

Take me to your weeder!

Alien Jokes Thumbnail
Alien Jokes Thumbnail

What do you call an alien with three eyes?

An aliiien!

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