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26 Monster Jokes For Massive Laughs

Monster jokes get monster laughs this Halloween. We've caged the top funny monster jokes for you here...

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

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Why did the monster's Mum knit him 3 socks?

She heard he grew another foot!

mother's day

We all know Albert Einstein was a genius...

But his brother Frank was a monster!

What did the monster ask his girlfriend?

Be my valen-slime!

Why can't Frankenstein fly?

He never makes it through the metal detector!

Who delivers monster babies?

The Franken-stork!

What game do monsters play?

Hide and shriek!

How does Frankenstein get around town?

Monster truck!

What kind of streets do zombies prefer?

Dead ends!

What do little monsters call their parents?

Mummy and Dead-y!

Do zombies eat popcorn with their fingers?

No, they eat their fingers separately!

Did you hear about the monster who ate too many houses?

He was homesick!

Why did the zombie stay home from school?

He felt rotten!

How would you describe a monster with amazingly good hearing?


On what day do monsters eat people?


What’s big, furry and has eight wheels?

A monster on roller skates!

What did the monster eat after it had its teeth taken out?

The dentist!

What monster fits on the end of your finger?

The bogeyman!

What’s the best thing to give a seasick monster?

Plenty of room!

Can a monster jump higher than a tree?

Of course - trees can't jump!

How do monsters like their eggs?


How do monsters count to 13?

On their fingers!

What’s a monster favourite dessert?

Leeches and scream!

Where do you find a monster snail?

At the end of a monster's finger!

What do sea monsters eat?

Fish and ships!

How can you tell if there’s a monster in your fridge?

You can't shut the door!

What do you do with a green monster?

Wait until it's ripe!

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