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20 Funny Archaeology Jokes & Puns for Kids

Impress Your Friends with these Hilariously Funny Jokes about Archaeology

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 17th 2022

Grab a trowel and a big leather hat because it's time to make boredom ancient history with these time-honoured archaeology jokes! We just know you're gonna dig these awesome archaeology jokes and puns! Read on to find out what makes archaeologists so romantic, or what a shindig really is... the answers should make you chuckle!

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What do you call a very, very, very old joke?


Archaeologists say Roman cement was stronger than it is now...

But we need to see some concrete evidence!

Why might an archaeologist care how old NBA stars are?

They might be studying LeBron’s age!

Turns out the archeologist wasn't actually crushed by a giant fresco.

It was a big relief!

What's the difference between an archeologist and a grave robber ?

Their nationality!

Archaeologists are the ultimate hipsters...

They love all that underground stuff!

Archaeologists found a mummy covered in chocolate

It was Pharoah Rocher!

Why did the archaeologist ask a diamond out to dinner?

Because she likes Carbon-Dating!

My archaeologist co-worker tried to blackmail me the other day

Turns out he has a lot of dirt on me!

What song does an archaeologist listen to when their work site is closed?

No Diggity!

What did the archaeologist say to the other archaeologist?

I got a bone to pick with you!

Bones jokes

What does cooking burgers and being an archaeologist have in common?

Either way you end up covered in Ancient Greece!

Never argue with an archaeologist

They always dig up the past!

How do archaeologists celebrate finding a leg bone?

By going to a shindig!

How did the ancient Romans cut their hair?

With a pair of Caesars!

Did you hear about that new archaeology book?

It's groundbreaking! 

Why are archaeologists so romantic? 

They're experts in dating methods!

Who's an Egyptian archaeologist's favourite person?

Their mummy!

Why do archaeologists always get asked to prom?

Because they date any old thing!

Why was the archaeologist sad?

His career was in ruins!