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20 Best Time Traveller Jokes & Puns

Take your friends to another era with these hilarious time travelling jokes!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  August 17th 2022

What do you call a futuristic herb collector? What did the time traveller do when she wanted more pudding? Check out this list for some rib-tickling time travel jokes that really do think outside the clocks! Don't stay stuck in the past, scroll on to read our infinitely interesting list of time traveller jokes and puns from the past, present and future!

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Ready to travel back to a time that boredom forgot? Well let's fire up that flux capacitor and get going!

I can't wait to see Back To The Future 4

It was pretty good!

What's the key to bragging about time travel?

A flex capacitor!

What do you call a time travelling cow?

Doctor Moo!

Doctor doctor, I can see the future! When did this start?

Next thursday!

I've found a way to time travel

It's called sleeping!

I wanted to get into movies about time travel...

...but my ended before it really began!

What does a time traveller do when she wanted more dessert?

She goes for seconds!

What do you call a bounty hunter that can time travel?

The ManDeLorean!

What do you call a bounty hunter that can time travel?

The ManDeLorean!

Why is time travel like British boots?

It’s a pair-a-docs!

Shoe Jokes Thumbnail
Shoe Jokes Thumbnail

The tomatoes in my garden are time travelers

They're developing wormholes!

If I cuold time travel

I'd fix that spelling mistake!

 Why can cutlery teleport but not time travel?

It's silverwhere, not silverwhen!

Jokes about spoons

Won a prize in the local time travel club raffle

Two tickets to the Titanic's first voyage!

The barman says “we don’t serve time travellers in here”

A time traveller walks into a bar!

I was voted “Most likely to..."

"travel back in time, Class of 2053!”

I’ve got a device to fetch futuristic herbs

It’s a thyme machine!

My local time travel club has postponed their next meeting

Until last week!

I could tell you a time travel joke...

...But you didn't like it!

Time travel classes:

Starting 1915!

A pigeon in a classroom