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Are You A Vampire? Take The Quiz!

Hate garlic? Not too hot on sunlight either? You might just be a vampire! Find out for sure with this ridiculous supernatural quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  October 16th 2021

Did you know that lots of people are secretly vampires*? You might be too, and there's only one way to find out - by answering these quiz questions!

For much stuff like this, check out these dracula jokes, these vampire facts, or even this choose your own vampire adventure! SpoOoOoOoky!

*Errrr they might not be really


Have you tried black pudding before?


Pick an outfit:

@strongbowbg | giphy

What's your favourite part of Halloween?


Where would you rather live?


Pick an animal:


What's your favourite colour?


What do you think of garlic?


Which one of these things is most important to bring with you on holiday?


Can you fly?


How does this picture make you feel?

You're not a vampire at all!

You are definitely not a vampire. You like garlic, having fun in the sunshine, and are not that into drinking blood all the time. Hope that clears up any confusion.

You're a part-time vampire!

You're a kind of part-time, weekends-only vampire. Some might say they don't exist, but we think they're a good solution for busy vampires who still have human stuff to do.

You're a total vampire!

You are a 100%, complete vampire, from slicked back hair to floating cloak! It's a timeless look.

You're actually a werewolf!

Oh no - how did this happen?? This was meant to be a vampire quiz! Oh well... these results don't lie!