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Are You More Squishmallow Or Marshmallow?

Soft or flumpy? Furry or sticky? Squashy or... spiky? Take this quiz and find out if you're more like a squishmallow, a marshmallow, or something else!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 10th 2023

Everyone loves squishmallows... but then again everyone loves marshmallows too! But which one is more like you? Is it a squashy and fuzzy squishmallow like Mannon the Gouda or Avery the Duck? Or maybe you're more like a real marshmallow - soft, puffy, sweet and sticky! Answer these questions and we'll tell you exactly which one is most like you!

Let's get quizzing, squishy!

1/10 A cheeky sloth

Pick an animal:


Which one of these do you prefer?

3/10 A happy croissant

What would you rather eat for breakfast?

Squishmallows via

Pick one of these squishmallows:

5/10 A hot mug of soup

What's the best thing about autumn?

6/10 Candy floss

What's your favourite sweet treat?


If someone poked you, what kind of noise would it make?

8/10 Bread dough

Pick a squashy thing:

Squishmallows via

What do you think of this squishmallow jellyfish?

@Squishmallows | Youtube

Your favourite squishmallows are... what?

Squishmallows via

You're 100% Squishmallow!

You're a squishmallow! Not a puffy sweet thing, but an actual cuddly toy! And not just any of them, you're Avery the mallard duck! Unlike a real marshmallow, you don't melt (or get eaten). Think we've got this wrong? Have another go and see what you get next time!

You're 100% marshmallow!

You're not a squishmallow - you're the delicious puffy sweet everyone loves! That's right, you are an actual, real marshmallow! Like, not a cuddly toy at all! Think we've got this wrong? Have another go and see what you get next time!

You're a cross between a squishmallow and an actual marshmallow!

Wow - you're really squishy and cute like a squishmallow, but are also very sticky and goopy like a marshmallow. You look great and are amazing to hug, but don't sit out too long in the sun, or you'll melt! Think we've got this wrong? Have another go and see what you get next time!

You're neither!

You're not a squishmallow OR a marshmallow! You're not soft, squashy or sticky - in fact, you're a little bit hard and spiky! Like maybe a conker, or a pangolin! Do you agree? Maybe there's a softness about you we didn't pick up on - take this quiz again and let's see if you're a bit squishy after all!