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Ariel Jokes

Make waves with these funny Ariel jokes! You'll want them to be part of your world!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:ย  October 1st 2022

Look at these jokes! Aren't they neat? Check out these funny Ariel jokes and have a laugh at all things Little Mermaid! And if you liked these, we've got more Disney stuff here! Check out these punny Princess Jokes, or how about these silly Snow White Jokes? Maybe you even fancy some Fairytale Jokes? Need even more lols? Here's loads more on the Jokes hub!

What washing powder do they use under the sea?


Why didn't Ariel use a spoon to brush her hair?

It was pointless!

Why did Ariel fall out with Sebastian?

He was being shellfish!

Why couldn't Ariel lift her dad's trident?

It weighed a tri-TONNE!

What did Ariel say when she saw a hairbrush?

Fork-get it!

What did Triton say when Ariel tidied her bedroom?

Look at this stuff! Isn't it neat!

What did Ariel call her autobiography?

A Mermaid's Tale!

Why didn't Ariel want to explore the sunken ship?

It was a nervous wreck!

Did you hear about the club Flotsam and Jetsam set up?

It was electric!

What did Flotsam say to Jetsam when Ursula told them to trick Ariel?

I've got a bad eeling about this!

What do you call a prince that sits at the bottom of the sea?

Eric! (A wreck!)

What do you call Scuttle when he's flying over the bay?

A bagel!

Why was Scuttle sad?

He didn't have a gullfriend!

What does Scuttle drink out of?

A beaker!

What do you call a mermaid orphan?

An urchin!

Why does Ursula live under water?

She's scared of an Ariel attack!

How do you find out what Ariel weighs?

Check her scales!

What font do mermaids use?


How does Ariel contact her sisters?

With her shellphone!

What does Ursula use for money?