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20 Fairy Tale Jokes For Kids!

Step this way for some truly magical punchlines!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 18th 2022

What do we love more than fairy tales? Jokes about fairy tale characters! If you've after some LOLZ about the Little Mermaid, Peter Pan and Cinderella, strap yourself in for some true comedy magic!

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Why is Peter Pan always flying?

He Neverlands!

Which fairy tale character has the fanciest door?


What was Pinocchio doing on the beach?


What sort of pictures does Ariel take?


What is slime’s favourite film?

The Wizard of Ooze!

A green slime character

What kind of pet does Aladdin have? 

A flying car-pet!

What did the sea say to the Little Mermaid?

Nothing – it just waved!

How did you get in my house, Beast?

Door, Belle!

Where did Robin Hood buy his sweets?

The Friar's Tuck shop!


What does Shrek use to get into his hut?

A don-key!

What do you call a fairy that doesn’t like baths?


Why does Snow White hate TikTok ?

She only had 7 followers!

Why was Cinderella terrible at tap dancing?

She kept losing her shoes!

Shoe Jokes Thumbnail
Shoe Jokes Thumbnail

What did the Big Bad Wolf say when it fell over?


wolf jokes

On which side of the house did Jack grow the beans?

The outside!

A handful of cocoa beans

Why couldn’t Cinderella play rugby?

She kept running away from the ball!

What did the frog prince order with his hamburger? 

French flies!

Did you hear there’s a new Beauty and the Beast film starring Cogsworth?

It's about time!

Why does it take Captain Hook so long to say the alphabet?

Because he spends ages at C!

Why was the Little Mermaid disgusted?

Because the seaweed!

Little Mermaid Joke