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These 10 Hilarious Hercules Jokes Are Godlike!

Half man, half god - all funny! Check out these hilarious Hercules jokes for all the mythical mirth you need!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 18th 2022

There's nothing wimpy about these powerfully funny Hercules jokes! Read on and crack a smile at these legendary gags about the muscliest man in Greek mythology! And if you'd rather some slightly more modern jokes, we've got plenty! Just take a look at these extra clever jokes, these terrible dad jokes, or even these slipperly drool jokes! Urrrgh!

And don't forget - we've got plenty more jokes over on our main jokes page! Now, back to Ancient Greece!

What did Hercules say when Zeus tried cheese for the 1st time?

Feta late than never!

What do you call to a male Hercules?

A Himcules!

What would Hercules be called if he was a scientist?


How does Hercules call mortals?

With his mobile perse-phone!

What’s Hercules’ favourite kids film?

Troy story!

What does Hercules use to oil his chariot?


What did Hercules say to the sea monster?

What’s kraken!

Why is Hercules a good midwife?

He’s already been through 12 labours!

Why did Hercules face off against Cerberus?

Someone triple-dog-dared him!

Everyone cheered when Hercules cleaned the Aegean Stables

Except the people living downstream!

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