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20 Drool Jokes That'll Make You Spit With Laughter!

These funny drool jokes will really make your mouth water! Check out these funny drool jokes and start laughing!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  October 11th 2022

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What plays the trombone and dribbles everywhere?

The Salivation Army!

Why are toddlers so good at basketball?

They're always dribbling!

My favourite word is drool

It just rolls off my tongue!

Why didn't the dog get an education?

He was too drool for school!

Have you heard about religious droolers?

They're seeking salivation!

What's a baby's favourite drink?


Fancy bottled water is so great...

It's mouth watering!

Why should you never eat next to a basketball player?

They always dribble!

What's slimy and thrown on the fire at Christmas?

A drool log!


It's mouth watering!

Why are babies so rebellious?

They don't follow the drools!

What do babies use to do DIY?

Drools! (Tools)

What does ballet and makes dogs drool?

Anna Pavlova!

What's the opposite of a fun summer day?

A drool party!

What's a cat's drool called?


I accidentally got shampoo on my face the other day

It really made me foam at the mouth!

What do babies wear?


What's a babies favourite game?

Drool! (Pool)

I hate drinking cappuccinos...

They really make me foam at the mouth!

Did you hear about Pavlov's deaf dog?

He was the exception to the drool!