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Baymax Loves These Big Hero 6 Jokes!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how funny are these Big Hero 6 jokes? Find out by taking a look at these magificent movie jokes and puns!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  October 13th 2022

Do you wish you had a massive cuddly robot to look out for you? Well - we can't help with that, but we can provide some heroically funny Big Hero 6 jokes that are almost as reliable as Baymax! This selection of hilarious big Hero 6 jokes are funny enough to have the whole of San Fransokyo in stitches! Don't believe us? Just read on then, you'll see!

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Why is Hiro never lonely?

He’s always making new friends!

Why did Baymax fail his exam?

He was a bit rusty!

What do Hiro and Tadashi like to snack on?

Micro chips!

Why are some robotics teachers so bad?

They just drone on and on!

What’s Hiro’s favourite type of music?


What happens when Baymax loses his shoe?

He needs to be rebooted!

Shoe Jokes Thumbnail
Shoe Jokes Thumbnail

How do robotics students pay for things?

With cache!

What's Baymax's favourite type of exercise?

Circuit training!

How much did Baymax spend at the shops?

An arm and a leg!

Why does Baymax not like having his photo taken?

He’s a photo-resistor!

Hiro had a dream he was eating a giant marshmallow

When he woke up Baymax’s hand was missing!

What’s Baymax’s favourite dance?

The roomba!

Did you hear Baymax’s girlfriend dumped him?

She had to let him down gently!

Baymax takes my breath away!

Well, he is inflatable!

How did Hiro and Baymax cross the river?

In a ro-boat!

Why does Baymax float on his back in swimming pools?

Hiro told him to lilo for a while!

Swimming Jokes
Swimming Jokes

Why did Baymax sleep under a car?

He wanted to wake up oily!

How does baymax eat his dinner?

He bytes!

What should I call my new robot puppy?


Why was the robot mad?

People kept pushing its buttons!