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20 Monsters Inc Jokes That Are Scarily Good Fun!

Will you shriek with laughter at these frighteningly funny Monsters Inc jokes? Click here to find out - if you dare!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  April 19th 2022

Are you ready for some hauntingly hilarious Monsters Inc jokes? We've come up with an epic list of the very best from the Pixar classic. Looking for some different movie jokes? We've got loads of them, too!

Check out these Minions jokes, these Spider-Man jokes, or even these Thor jokes! That's enough to make even the most miserable movie-buff crack a smile!

Where does Mike look up information?

In an en-cyclops-pedia!

How can monsters tell their fortune?

By reading their horror-scopes!

What's Mike's favourite type of cheese?

Monsterella, of course!

What's hairy and wears sunglasses?

Sully on holiday!

What do you call Sully’s wizard brother?

Hairy Potter!

How does Mike listen to music?

On eye-tunes!

Sully’s so hairy…

He has to comb his wrist to tell the time!

Who delivers monster babies?

A baby octopus

The Frankenstork!

What does Randall have in his sandwiches?


What game do the monsters in Monster Inc play?

Hide and shriek!

Can Henry J Waternoose jump higher than a tree?

Of course, trees can’t jump!

Why does Sully's mum look so hairy?

That's just hirsute!

What happened when Mike misbehaved in class?

He got sent to the cornea!

What did Mike say when he returned to work?

The boss wanted to get a Randall on the situation!

What did Mike say when he returned to work?

Eye'm back!

What's big, furry and has eight wheels?

A monster on rollerskates!

How would you describe a monster with amazingly good hearing?


What’s the best thing to give a seasick monster?

Plenty of room!

Where do you find a monster snail?

At the end of a monster's finger!

What do you do with a green monster?

Wait until it's ripe!