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Princess Jokes

We are not amused! Have you ever kissed a frog and it turned into a prince? The last time we tried that we had an allergic reaction and are lips swelled to the size of Gaston’s biceps! To keep our spirits up we created this magical array of Princess Jokes especially for your royal amusement!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  December 30th 2021

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Why did Sleepy go to bed in the wood shed?

He wanted to sleep like a log!

6 out of 7 of Snow White’s friends… 

Aren't Happy!

What does Ariel like to spread on her toast?


Little Mermaid facts

Who did Ariel call when she lost her fish friend?

The Lost and Flounder line!

Why does Alice ask so many awkward questions?

She’s in Wonderland!

Alice in Wonderland quiz

Which Disney Princess do cows prefer?


Which princess is the corniest?


What did Snow White say to the broken photocopier?

Someday my prints will come!

Why is Gaston the cleverest Disney villain?

He won the No-Belle Prize!

Why should you never give Elsa a helium balloon?

She’ll let it go!

Which Disney princess should be a judge on Strictly?

Snow White is the fairest of them all!

What did the Princess get for her birthday?


Who plaited Princess Leia’s hair?

Darth Braider!

Which Princess is best at football?

Nutmeggin’ Markel!

Why doesn’t Cinderella play football for England?

Because her coach is a pumpkin!

A smiling football in a big stadium

Why doesn’t Cinderella play football for England?

She always runs away from the ball!

Why doesn’t Elsa ever take a day off school?

Her colds never bother her, anyway!

Which Disney Princess is the best at making jokes?


Which Disney princess loves Mexican food?

Taco Belle!

Which Disney princess loves cows?


Laughing banana

What do you call a princess the dark?

No White!

Why did Dopey take a box of crayons into the bedroom with him?

Because Snow White asked him to draw the curtains!

Why would Snow White make a good judge?

Because she is the fairest of them all!

Why did Princess Leia fail her exams?

She had Alderaan answers!