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How to Make Beano Bash Street Christmas Baubles!

Get crafty this Christmas with the Bash Street Kids

Beano Team
Last Updated:  December 22nd 2016

You will need

- Our downloadable Bash Street Baubles pictures- Scissors- Card- String- Glue- Some help from a grown up

Step 1

Download the pictures here to make your own Bash Street Baubles! Ask a grown up for help if you can't do this yourself.

Step 2

Cut out the images carefully, then fold all the circles in half (down the middle of the picture). On the back of one half write A, on the other half write B. Do the same on all circles.

Step 3

Take your first circle. Put glue on side B and stick it to side A of your second circle. Then glue side B of your second circle to side A of your third circle. Do this until you get your sixth circle.

Step 4

Now tie a knot in a length of string, and glue to the centre of your bauble. Glue side B of your sixth circle to side A of your first circle and boom! You have a Bash Street bauble!