Beanotown Confidential - Gnasher's Kennel

Check out Gnasher's hang-out!

Welcome to Gnasher's kennel!

Gnasher's Kennel

In you come, there's plenty of room. Like all the best hang-outs, Gnasher's kennel feels bigger when you're inside. 

If you look closely, you'll see that Gnasher has all the creature comforts at his fingertips, including a sausage-inspired spiral staircase which leads to the mezzanine level (that's upstairs to normal people).

The lucky owner of this pooch pad will never go hungry, thanks to the huge Bone Store and Barbecued Banger Conveyor Belt.

Other luxuries Gnasher has installed include the bone-shaped Doggie Paddling Pool, built-in Postman Approach Warning System (PAWS), and a vintage cat thumper. The cat thumper doesn't work, it's purely for decoration - cats never come near Gnasher's kennel anyway!

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