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Ben 10 Jokes

Check out our monstrous and amazing Ben 10 jokes! Even Vilgax finds them funny!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  April 11th 2022

Ben 10 is the best of all the Bens and not just because he’s got that amazing watch! Ben 10 can even turn into a whole load of EPIC monsters! These Ben 10 jokes are EPIC too. We’d certainly give them Ben 10 out of 10! Truth be told, we’re worried you’ll find them awful. As far as Ben 10 jokes go, they couldn’t get much omniworse! We hope you’ll give us the Ben10efit of the doubt!

Where does Ben 10 sleep on scout camp?

In a Ben Tent!

Why does Vilgax hate Ben 10, Ben 8, Ben 6, Ben 4 and Ben 2?

Because he can’t even…

How does Ben 10 stay safe?

He always has a good Rook around?

Why was Ben 10’s party so well organised?

Because Ben 10 Planet!

Dad: What was Ben 10’s sister called?
Son: Gwen?

Dad: In series 1!

How did Ben 10 cut down a Vilg Tree?

With a Vilgax!

Gwen: Did anyone see where Vilgax went? 

Ben 10: Humungasaur!

Dinosaur Jokes
Dinosaur Jokes

What happened when Ben 10 turned into a dead end?

The TV audience thought the Cul de Sac made an underwhelming monster!

Ben 10’s watch was hungry…

It went back 4 seconds!

Green beans

Why did Ben 10 have seven spare watches?

He had a lot of time on his hands! 

Ben 10’s watch has stopped working but I can’t tell him..

It’s never the right time!

Did you hear about the stand in voice actor they got for one episode of Ben 10?

He was a Ben Temp!

What is Ben 10’s favourite sport, Father?

Ben? Tennis, Son!

What does Ben 10 have for breakfast?

Alien Boiled X

Did you hear about the new Ben 10 yoga workshop?

It’s called Bend 10!

Did you hear about the new Panda monster Ben 10 turns into?

It’s called Bearn 10!

Did you hear about the new Octopus monster Ben 10 turns into?

It’s called Ben Tentacles!

Why was Ben 10 considered so powerful?

Because the previous kid was benign (Ben 9!) in comparison!

There was a competition for the best Ben 10 gadget… 

So I put Ben 10’s watch forward!

Vilgax ate Ben 10’s watch… 

It was time consuming!