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50 Best Easter Puns Which Are Very Bunny

Here's a load of Easter Bunny and Easter egg jokes which will crack you up!

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Last Updated:  April 1st 2022

Put on your funniest Easter bonnet and prepare to laugh between mouthfuls of delicious chocolate eggs! Once you've recovered from these egg-cellent Easter jokes, why not try our ultimate Easter Bunny quiz, our funny Easter egg true or false quiz or see if you can decipher our Easter emoji quiz!

What happened when the Easter Bunny was naughty at school?

They were eggs-pelled!

How do you stop your Easter eggs melting before you get home?

Eat them in the car!

Why couldn't the Easter egg sleep?

It was too eggs-cited!

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What's the Easter Bunny's idea of a fun day out?

Singing kara-yolk-e!

Why did the Easter Bunny smile all the time?

They were feeling hoppy!

What do you call the Easter Bunny after they've won the lottery?

A million-hare!

Why did the Easter Bunny cross the road?

It was the chicken's day off!

What do Easter eggs drink at breakfast time?


Why did the Easter egg get booed off the comedy stage?

All their yolks were bad!

What do you get when you cross a rabbit with seafood? 

The Oyster Bunny!

What do you call the Easter Bunny with fleas?

Bugs Bunny!

Why did the Easter Bunny cross the road?

Because the chicken stole their chocolate eggs!

Chicken Jokes
Chicken Jokes

Why did the duck get fired by the Easter Bunny?

They kept quacking the eggs!

Where do pirates look for their Easter treasure?

Wherever eggs marks the spot!

How does the Easter Bunny feel on Easter Monday?


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Why did the Easter Bunny put a dictionary in their trouser pocket?

They wanted to be a smarty pants!

Why is the Easter Bunny so smart?

Because they're an egg head!

What sport are Easter eggs good at?


What did the egg say about the Easter parade?

It was eggs-cellent!

What day does an Easter egg dread the most?


What do Easter Bunnies do after they're married?

Go on their bunnymoon!

Which sport does the Easter Bunny love the most?


What do you call a cheeky Easter egg?

A practical yolker!

What is the best way to send a card to the Easter Bunny?

By hare-mail!

One-liner jokes
One-liner jokes

What kind of jewellery does the Easter Bunny like to wear? 

14 carrot gold!

How do you tell the age of the Easter Bunny?

You count the grey hares!

What's the best way to make Easter easier?

Replace the 't' with an 'i'!

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What do you call an Easter egg from space?

An eggs-tra terrestrial!

Where did the egg go on holiday?

Easter Island!

What do you call a tired Easter egg?


What kind of story did the Easter Bunny enjoy the most?

The ones with a hoppy ending!

Unicorn and fantasy book Unicorn and fantasy book

How did the Easter bunny keep fit?


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Where does Valentine's Day come after Easter?

In the dictionary!

Why shouldn’t you tease Easter eggs?

They can't take a yolk!

Where do Easter eggs go when they visit America?

New Yolk!

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Why was the Easter Bunny in a bad mood?

They were a hot cross bun!

Why did the Easter egg hide?

They were a little chicken!

What's the Easter Bunny’s favourite kind of music?

Hip hop!

What did one Easter egg say to the other?

Tell me a good yolk!

How does the Easter Bunny go on holiday?

On a hare-plane!

Why was the Easter Bunny miserable?

They had a bad hare day!

How does the Easter Bunny style its fur?

Using hare spray!

What did the Easter Bunny say to the tiny carrot?

It was nice gnawing you!

How does Easter end? 

Always with the letter 'R'!

Funny Easter Jokes
Funny Easter Jokes

What happened to the rabbits who got married at Easter?

They lived hoppily ever after!

What happens if you tickle an Easter egg?

It cracks up!

What do you the Easter Bunny holding a map?

An eggs-plorer!

How does the Easter Bunny stay fit?

Regular eggs-ercise!

What’s invisible and smells of carrots and chocolate?

The Easter Bunny’s farts!

Easter Puns

Why are Easter egg jokes so funny?

Because they crack you up!

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