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20 Alice In Wonderland Jokes to Give You a Grin

Looking for some loopy laughs? You're in luck - we're all ma-ha-ha-ad here at Beano!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 11th 2021

Put on your maddest laughing hat because you're invited to the greatest tee-hee-hee party around - Beano's best Alice in Wonderland gags will get you grinning like the Cheshire cat!

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How did the Cheshire cat become so wise?

He always reads the mews!

Why did Alice ignore the Cheshire cat?

He wasn't very purr-svasive!

What did the hedgehog say to the flamingo?


Why are the flamingos so patient during croquet?

They're used to wading!

What does The White Rabbit eat at Easter?


chocolate jokes

How does Alice (in Wonderland) know the Caterpillar so well?

She grew up with him!

Why couldn't Alice get through the door?

There wasn't mush-room!

What's the Mad Hatter's favourite drink?


What do you call The Mad Hatter when he's calmed down?

The Hatter!

What would you drink at the mad Catter's tea party?


Why doesn't the Queen of Hearts go to the Mad Hatter's tea parties?

He doesn't serve royal-tea!

What does the Cheshire cat say when he's disappearing?

Get Meow't of here!

What do you call the Cheshire Cat when he does a disappearing trick?

A magic kit!

How do you get the Queen of Hearts' attention?


Why can you never trust the Queen of Hearts?

She has a poker face!

Why shouldn't you do business with the Queen of Hearts?

She's hard to DEAL with!

How can The White Rabbit afford a waistcoat?

He's a million-hare!

Knock, knock! Who's there? Alison. Alison who?

Alison Wonderland!

What's the Cheshire cat's favourite drink?

Evaporated milk!

Why does Alice ask so many questions?

Because she's in 'Wonder'land!