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32 Cinderella Jokes to Read Before Midnight!

Have a ball and check out our comical collection of side splitting Cinderella jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  February 7th 2023

You wont need to ask your Fairy Godmother for more laughs... just ask us!

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What did Cinderella say when Prince Charming drank her glass of milk?

How dairy!

What do you call some cheese wearing glass slippers?


What did Prince Charming say when he placed Cinderella's glass slipper on her foot?

You're my sole mate!

Why did Cinderella leave all her breakfast cereal?

She ran away from the bowl!

What do you call reasonably priced Cinderella T-shirts?

Fair retail!

How did Cinderella find her way home in the snow?

She followed the foot prince!

Why was Cinderella banned from every restaurant?

She kept running away from the bill!

What do you call a Disney princess who loves BBQ?


A roaring barbecue

Why did Cinderella want to not share a lift in her pumpkin coach?

It was kind of a squash!

Who gave Cinderella a hand with her New Year’s Resolutions?

Her Janu-fairy Godmother!

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What's Cinderella's favourite sweeties?

Chocolate buttons!

What does Cinderella eat on Burns' night?

Haggis, sweeps and tatties!

Why can Cinderella never reach the top shelf?

Because she hates her wicked step ladder!

Why would Cinderella's step-sisters never play football with her?

Because she always mops the floor with them!

What does Cinderella dress up as on Halloween?

The scary godmother!

Why do the Kardashians all want to be called Cinderella?

Because they all think they have two ugly sisters!

When is Cinderella most frightened?

On the 12th shriek of midnight!

Why is Cinderella a slow swimmer?

She wears glass flippers!

Why did Cinderella get a job on the beach?

She was good at light house work!

What did Cinderella say when her carriage turned into a pumpkin?

Oh my gourd!

How did Cinderella fix her torn dress?

With a pumpkin patch!

How did Cinderella get to be so strong?

By pumpkin iron!

What should Cinderella have wished for?

Shoes that fit!

What did Cinderella name her two pet pugs?

The pugly step-sisters!

Why can Cinderella never get comfy?

Because her slippers are made of glass!

What do you call Cinderella when she is holding up a queue?


What do you call an elephant that can't stop cleaning?


Why was Cinderella terrible at tap dancing?

She kept losing her shoes!

Why couldn't Cinderella use horses to pull the Pumpkin Coach?

Because they were too busy playing stable tennis!

What did Cinderella say when her photos didn't arrive on time?

One day my prints will come!

Why couldn’t Cinderella play cricket?

She always ran away from the ball!

Why can’t Cinderella play football?

Her coach is a pumpkin!

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