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Britain’s Funniest Face – Voting Closed!

We searched the land for Britain's Funniest Family. Check out some of the awesome entries here....

We searched the land for Britain’s Funniest Family. Check out some of the awesome entries here….

The Costley Family from Edinburgh

A great use of face paints from the Costley family – proving that if you want to be in with a chance of winning, you’ve got to get your hands (and faces) dirty.

The Dobbin Family from Newmains

It’s a classic funny face pulling lesson from the Dobbin family here. Scrunched up noses and sticking out tongues? Now we’re talking! Will it be a winner? You decide.

The Haynes Family from Hastings

The Haynes family, showing us all how to pull a funny face when you’re short of ideas – just get your sister to fart! That will cause anyone to make an odd expression!

The King Family from St Albans

The King family have turned the world of funny faces upside down – quite literally. Throw in some googly eyes (plus a copy of our fave comic) and you’re guaranteed a giggle.

The Richards Family from Camborne

Mums can be pretty funny – just check out this entry from the Richards family! Funny mummy plus a face filter spells comedy gold in our book – but will it get your vote?