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Britain’s Funniest Prank – Voting Closed!

We searched the land for Britain's Funniest Family. Check out some of the awesome entries here....

We searched the land for Britain’s Funniest Family. Check out some of the awesome entries here….

The Costley Family from Edinburgh

The Costley family are back – and poor dad is in for another pranking! But hey, that’s what pranks (and dads) are for, right?

The Holloway Family from Ashford

Looks like dad from the Holloway family has taken some tips from Costley family dad and turned the tables to become the pranker! What’s the lesson here? Never trust a prankster (or a dad!).

The Jones Family from Derby

This prank goes out to all the chocolate fans! The Jones family have given us a lesson in snack snaffling and pranks all in one – all you need is a pen, some paper and a disgruntled dad! 

The Mainwaring Family from Newcastle-Under-Lyme

There are loads of ways to pull a prank but some ingredients are essential. What are they? Well, as the Mainwaring family show us in this video, a football, a paddling pool plus a distracted dad all come in very handy.

The Story Family from Cirencester

Shoes are great for pranks. You can hide them, tie them together – and you can hide things in them! And that’s just what this sneaky prankster from Story family has done! Watch out, Dad!