Britain's Funniest Family - Voting Now Open!

The competition is closed to new entries and VOTING ... IS ... OPEN! Check out the funny vids and vote for Britain's Funniest Families.

We've been on the hunt for Britain's Funniest Family 2020 – from Land's End to Lerwick, Belfast to Bury-St-Edmunds, Swansea to Sheffield, we scoured the country to find Britain's most hilarious households.

Entries are now closed and we have some epic finalists in each category! Click the links below to get voting:

1. Funniest Family Song and Dance!

2. The Funniest Family Joke!

3. The Funniest Family Prank

4. The Funniest Family Face!

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Britain’s Funniest Family was created alongside our good friends YoungMinds.

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