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Britain’s Funniest Family – Meet the Winners!

Introducing... the magnificent Millers from Ipswich! The most sidesplitting, lol-tastic, rib-tickling family in the land!

We searched the country high and low for Britain’s Funniest Family – and thanks to Beano fans, we’ve found them!

So it’s our pleasure to introduce you to – the magnificent Millers!

Britain's Funniest Family _ The Millers from Ipswich

This funny fam from Ipswich pressed the laughter-switch to ON during lockdown with a seriously silly tribute to old-school rockers, Queen. (We certainly didn’t want to stop them, and wish we’d allowed clips of to be as long as Avengers: Endgame after watching their hilarious entry!)

Britain's Funniest Family _ The Millers from Ipswich

From baking like Mary Berry, household chores, to kissing Boris Johnston, their video looks with the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of life in lockdown – while always keeping a funny eye on family fiascos.

And once the national vote started, it quickly became clear that nothing was going to stop them from being immortalised as characters in the country’s favourite comic. 

Britain's Funniest Family _ The Millers from Ipswich

We bet whole country can’t wait to see to see what they get up to in Beanotown when they join Dennis and Minnie this autumn. This larger than life family are about to become comedy legends!

And not forgetting our wonderful runners-up!

The Richards Family (Camborne)

Camborne must be full of funny faces, if this cheeky vid from the Richards Family is anything to go by. We thought special effects may have been used in the making of this video. But the Richards promise us the answer is: “Nooooo!”They topped a really strong field of funny faces, an while they may not be able to claim to be Britain’s Funniest Family, overall, they possess the superpower to pull the funniest faces in the country, which make them heroes to us.

The Thomas Family (Amersham)

The Thomas family went bananas in Amersham! It’s a case of sofa, so funny, as they share an a-peeling gag, featuring the entire family! The Thomas family weren’t quite top banana, but we reckon they’re ripe to be picked. The person who’s most disappointed they didn’t nab a big enough bunch of votes to win is our very own Bananaman. He couldn’t wait to star with them in his latest adventure. 

The Jones Family (Derby)

It seems that all poor Mr Jones in Derby wanted out of lockdown was to chill-out with a little bar of chocolate from the fridge…oops! This hilarious video seemed to speak to the whole country. We can’t help but feel this has been happening in households nationwide during lockdown.The cheeky ‘face of innocence’ in this is awesome! We hope they can celebrate their awesome achievement in becoming a runner-up by buying a new bar of chocolate – family-sized, to share!

The Broom Family (Ipswich)

The Broom Family swept up a lot of votes with this slick music vid filmed in Ipswich! Dad looked great, but we get the impression that he went to a lot more effort than the rest of the clan to enhance his pop star looks…