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Can You Pass the Ultimate UglyDolls Quiz?

How do you know about this awesome movie?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 29th 2021

UglyDolls is the awesome new movie where some strange looking dolls that didn’t make the grade, rise up to challenge the preconceptions of what beauty really means!

If you’ve ever wondered about the truth behind what happens in toy factories then this film is for you! We’ve watched it approximately a zillion times so see if you know as much about the characters as we do!

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In the film UglyDolls here do Uglies live?

2/10 A person clearly keen on doing homework

What’s the towns cynical chef called?


Who’s idea is it to enter “the tunnel” to escape Uglyville?


Who’s the biggest UglyDoll?

5/10 A unicorn

What’s the name of the one-eyed Unicorn?


6/10 What colour hair does Kitty have?


Who’s the unofficial Mayor of Uglyville?


Which Spy Girl is named after a Day?


The Ugly Dolls film is based on a range of pre-existing UglyDoll toys. True or False?

10/10 A couple of beavers

The creators of UglyDolls were girlfriend and boyfriend and used to send each other letters with cartoons of Wage sketched at the bottom. True or False?

Ugly Dolls Expert!

Not Bad! Try again to get to Expert Ugly Doll Level.

Oh no! Down the Funnel to Uglyville! Watch the Ugly Dolls Film RIGHT NOW!