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Check Out Beano’s Summer Activity Special

Get a sneaky peek inside this year's Summer Special!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  April 9th 2024

The Eye of Beanotown has been stolen and it looks as though Dennis the Menace's mum might be the culprit...

Can Dennis find the Eye of Beanotown, claim the reward and prove his Mum’s innocence? 

The search for the Eye (and the reward) turns friend against friend…

And Bash Street kid against Bash Street kid!

When suspicion falls on Minnie the Minx…

She calls upon Batmin for help!

Unless the Eye is found, Mount Beano will erupt, destroying Beanotown forever!

And there’s no dodging out of that for Roger!

Plus! Who is this epic dude with a robotic arm?

Can you guess?

Packed with 68 pages of comics, puzzles and awesome things to do, Beano’s Summer Activity Special 2017 is on sale NOW!