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The Ultimate Kids Christmas Quiz

Check out these Xmas quiz questions for kids!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

The Ultimate Kids Christmas Quiz


Which of these is NOT another name for Father Christmas?


Which country did the tradition of Christmas trees come from?


Which of these would you NOT find inside a Christmas cracker?


Where does Father Christmas usually live?


Which of these would you expect to find on the table at Christmas dinner?


True or False: St Nicholas, who Santa Clause is based on, was from Turkey?


It's traditional to decorate your house with what?


True or false: Originally, in medieval times, mince pies had actual mince meat in them?


What traditionally goes under a Christmas tree?


Which of these birds is traditionally associated with Christmas?

Amazing result

Woah, Santa is very impressed! Nice one!

Well done result

Well done! Looks like you're full of Christmas cheer!

Try again result

Hmm, not bad but you could do better! Have another go!

Oh no result

Oh no! It doesn't look like you're much of a Christmas connoisseur! Never mind, you can always have another go!