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The Ultimate Christmas Carol Emoji Quiz

Are your a qualified Christmas emoji translator? You'll have to be get full marks on this festive picture quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 22nd 2022

Did you know that the first-ever emoji was a heart? And that emoji is a mix of the two Japanese words for picture and character? Well, now you do!

It all started in the late 90s, when a Japanese mobile phone company created 176 emojis for their new handsets – it changed the way we communicate with each other, forever!

Shigetaka Kurita is said to be the designer who was responsible for these awesome images, but did he realise that his creations would be used for awesome quizzes in the future? We doubt it! 

The rules for this quiz are simple, try and work out what Christmas Carol each of these emoji clues could be hinting at. Some of them are trickier than you might think!

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What Christmas Carol could this be?


Here's an easy one!


And this one?


How's about this one?




Hmm. Very cryptic.


Oooh this one has 3 emojis!


Another easy one? That depends!


Any guesses?


Last one! What do you reckon?

Eeek! Oh no! You must either not like Christmas, or not used an emoji before! Which is it? Never mind though - try another quiz?

Pretty good! You can do better though - have another go?

Nicely done - you must like Christmas AND emojis! Fancy that! Can you beat this score on another quiz?

Yahoo! You're a Christmas Carol emoji expert! Great work!