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55 Clown Jokes To Make You Grin!

You'll JEST love these hilarious clown jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  February 26th 2024

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My friend is a clown who performs on stilts...

I always look up to them!

Did you hear about the clown who got sacked from the circus?

He’s suing for funfair dismissal!

What do clowns fill their cars with?

Laughing gas!

How did the clown arrive to the monster circus?

Riding a cycle-ops!

Why did the clown wear loud socks?

To keep his feet from falling asleep!

I went out with only half of my face painted like a clown...

Not everyone saw the funny side!

The joke police

I bought a clown-shaped lolly at the circus...

It tasted funny!

You’re going to clown college?

You can’t be serious!

Two people laughing

I went to the fancy dress shop to buy a clown outfit...

let the salesman pick my nose!

Why was the clown staring at the carton of juice?

Because it said 'concentrate'!

What do you call a clown who hates sitting down?

A stand-up comic!

A pigeon doing stand-up comedy

Why did the clown throw his watch out of the window?

They wanted to see time fly!

I left my job at McDonald’s...

Because the boss was a real clown!

Why do clowns have less balloons these days?


Balloon Game

My teacher told me I was acting like a clown

I was so upset I almost fell off my unicycle!

What did one clown say to the other when they dropped an egg?

"The yoke is on you!"

Why did the clown cross the road?

To get a rubber chicken!

What material are clown costumes made of?


I’m going to send a clown to deliver flowers to my mum...

She'll think it's a lovely jester!

What is a clown's favourite type of cheese?


How did the clown write his jokes?

They jest put pun to paper!

The circus clown used to work on the trapeze…

Until he was let go!

What did the egg say to the clown?

You crack me up!

Why did the clown go to the doctors?

Their stomach felt funny!

Why did the clown have doubts about his job?

No-one took them seriously!

How do clowns cook their eggs?

Funny side up!

Fried egg

Did you hear about the clown who ran away with the circus?

The ringmaster made him bring it back!

What do you call a drawing of a clown slipping on a banana?

A comedy sketch!

Why is Nemo such a funny character?

Because he's a clown fish!

Did you hear about the dramatic circus clown?

His act was in tents!

What does a tiger call a clown?

A happy meal!

What did the clown sound like when he snored?

Honk shoe! Honk shoe!

A big pair of clown shoes

What happened when two clown cars bumped into each other?

40 people dropped their snacks!

Why did the clown have a sore neck?

They slept funny!

Why shouldn't you use the toilet after a clown?

It smells funny!

A clown in a classroom

What does a clown call an OXO cube?

A laughing stock!

What happens when a clown retires?

They leave some big shoes to fill!

How big is a clown’s hard drive?


How do you fight a gang of clowns?

Go for the JUGGLER!

What do clowns call a tremor?

A MIRTHquake!

A man goes to the doctor because he has a clown growing off his neck...

The doctor tells him, “Don’t worry, it’s nothing serious.”

What material do you use to make a clown suit?


Why did the clown cross the road?

To retrieve his rubber chicken!

Why was the clown sad?

She broke her funny bone!

Why did the clown get turned down for a mortgage?

He couldn't afford the CLOWN payments! (plus he was a clown)

Why did the clown take a holiday?

The circus got a bit in-TENTS!

Why are clowns not eaten at Hanukkah?

Because they taste funny!

hanukkah jokes

A clown had an interview for a party supplies store where they had to inflate a balloon as a test...

He blew it!

How did the clown ruin his balloon business?

He blew everything out of proportion!

Where do circus performers go when they retire?

Old Clown Road!

How can you tell if a clown has just farted?

They smell funny!

Why did the lion spit out the clown?

He tasted funny!

Why did jokes

Why did the human cannonball leave the circus?

He got fired!

Why did jokes

How do clowns like their eggs cooked?

Funny side up!

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