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Countdown to Christmas: Are You a Giver or a Getter?

Would you rather give or get? Why not both? Answer these questions and find out what you think the meaning of Christmas REALLY is!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 3rd 2021

Christmas presents are just great. But what's your favourite thing about them? Let's find out!

Whether you like giving or receiving Christmas gifts, you're sure to find something good at the Beano's official shop! Take a look before it all sells out!


What's your favourite part of Christmas?


What's the WORST thing about Christmas?

@cmdrkitten | giphy

Pick a sound:


Would you rather...


Do you like baking?


Would you ever have a totally vegan Christmas, even if you weren't vegan?


There's only one piece of Christmas cake left. What do you do?

@bestfriends | giphy

What would you rather?


Pick one:


How would you wrap a present for your mum?

You're a giver!

For you, making someone happy by giving them the perfect gift is just the best thing ever. Even better than getting presents yourself! Ooh and by the way - if you really want to give someone the perfect gift, you should definitely check out the Beano's official shop! Check the intro for the link!

You're a getter!

You really admire people who are good at giving presents, but you've never really been one of them. You're usually too distracted by receiving all those amazing presents every year! If you feel like making this year a bit different, you can always have a look around the Beano's official shop! You're guaranteed to find the perfect thing in there for someone you care about... or you can at least give them a list of stuff to get you!

You're a bit of both!

You love giving gifts - about as much as you love receiving them! This is probably the best way to be - you keep your loved ones happy whilst getting what you want too! Win win! If you're looking for some great gift ideas (to give or receive!) - then take a look at the Beano's official shop! You won't be disappointed!