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Countdown To Christmas: Can You Hide Your Excitement?

We're all excited for Christmas - but some people just seem more excited than others! What about you? Can you contain those festive feelings? Find out here!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 3rd 2021

Everyone's excited for Christmas - that's not up for debate. But how good are you at pretending you're not? Phew. Who knows? Well, you will once you've answered these exciting quiz questions!

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First up - how excited are you?


Pick one:


Which one of these CAN'T you do?


You heard there's snow forecast. What does your heartbeat sound like?


You just read the words "mince pie". What happens now?

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Christmas is the time for...


Pick a Christmas movie:


What will you eat first at Christmas dinner?


Pick a Christmas game:


Oh no! Christmas has been delayed until March next year! What do you do?

You can easily hide your excitement!

This is very impressive. You have an amazing poker face! Despite being incredibly excited, you CAN somehow hide it! You should go into acting!

You can barely hide your excitement!

Ok, some people might not realise how excited you are - but your family and best friends all know that you are about to burst with Christmas cheer!

You're terrible at hiding your excitement!

You're super excited and everyone knows it! Because no matter how much you try and hide it, it's obvious that you cannot wait 1 more minute for Christmas!

You can't hide your excitement at all!

You are completey see-through! Everyone around you knows you're super, mega, ridiculously excited - and that's great! You enjoy your excitement!