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Countdown To Christmas: What Kind Of Gifter Are You?

Are you thoughtful, over the top, or... unusual? Crack out the wrapping paper and find out what kind of gifter you are with this ridiculous Christmas quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 3rd 2021

Giving Christmas gifts is just as important as receiving them, and everyone does things differently. But what kind of gift giver are you? Answer these questions and we'll find out, once and for all!

If you're stuck for gift ideas this Christmas, check out the Beano's very own shop for epic comics, books, clothes, games and more! Whatever kind of gifter you are you're bound to find the perfect thing!


What's the most important thing about giving presents?


Do you like receiving presents?


Whar's the best present you ever got?


How do you wrap the presents you give other people?


Do you put a bow on presents?

@421 | giphy

Which of these do you prefer?


What's the real meaning of Christmas?


Pick a gift for your mum:


What's your favourite Christmas food?


If someone gave you a rubbish gift, what would you do?

You're an over-the-top gifter!

You buy huge, expensive gifts that everyone loves. Sometimes it's a bit awkward though, as not everyone is as good at gifting as you are - so you need to be alright with other people giving you gifts that aren't as good! Lucky for you there are plenty of gift ideas in the Beano shop, so you'll be able to really treat someone this year! Take a look at!

You're a thoughtful gifter!

You always get the perfect gifts for your friends and family. You remember everyone's hobbies and interests and make sure that your gifts are well thought out. You even remember your cousin's birthday! For the perfect gift this yeat, make sure you check out the Beano's shop - there'll be something there for everyone! Take a look at!

You're an...unusual gifter!

You always manage to find really weird and unusual gifts for people, that they never realised they wanted. Stuff like the pranks and games on the Beano's very own shop! Take a look at!

You're a thought-that-counts kind of gifter!

The presents you get other people can sometimes be a bit...lacking, somehow. But you always give a lovely card and are very sweet about it, so nobody is ever annoyed. PSST...For some ace gift ideas this Christmas, you could do a LOT worse than checking out the Beano's shop! Take a look at!