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20 Crainer Jokes To Crack You Up!

Do you know this Minecraft-obsessed gamer? Then tickle your cranium with this quality list of Crainer wisecracks!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  May 10th 2024

He's a fast-talking, wise-cracking gamer and Youtuber - and with his sense of humour it just makes sense to have this list of 20 hilarious Crainer jokes! So whether you like your jokes about Minecraft, Roblox or Crainer himself- we definitely have something to make you crack a smile!

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Now, let's see what makes Crainer so funny, then! Ready? Let's go!

Why does Crainer love the new Minecraft update?

It’s ground-breaking!

Crainer loves the outdoors

Today he spent 4 hours on his Roblox farm!

I made fun of Crainer’s Minecraft skills online

He blocked me!

Why do Crainer’s fans all love his kid-friendly Minecraft memes?

Because they’re minors!

Where is Crainer’s favourite place to play Minecraft?

The Netherlands!

Crainer is making a Minecraft movie

It’s gonna be a blockbuster!

What is Crainer’s favourite type of music?

Bed-rock and roll!

How does Crainer avoid sunburn in Minecraft?

He uses sun-block!

How did Crainer celebrate his birthday?

With a block party!

What did Crainer say to his girlfriend?

I dig you!

How does Crainer measure his shoe size?

In square feet!

Why do some people dislike Crainer’s Minecraft content?

They think he’s square!

Crainer won that Minecraft game without cheating

He did it fair and cube!

Why did Crainer need mouthwash after destroying the mobs?

Because he had bat breath!

What’s Crainer’s favourite sport?


Why can't you beat Crainer at basketball?

Because they are always blocking!

Basketball joke

How did Crainer make the skeleton laugh?

He tickled its funny bone!

I couldn’t watch Crainer’s videos about cats

Turns out they were just on paws!

Where does Crainer sleep?

On his bed-rock!

How does Crainer stay fit?

He jogs around the block!