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20 Fitness Jokes That May Pull Your Funny Muscle!

Take a look at our funny fitness jokes that really workout!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  December 10th 2021

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What's the worst machine to use at the gym?

The vending machine!

Why are mathematicians so fit?

They're always working out!

What's a hairdressers favourite weight exercise?


Why should you never bring a bear to the gym?

You'll get shredded!

Why did the personal trainer split up with her partner?

It wasn't working out!

Why did the devil open a gym?

He wanted to work out his demons!

Why did the pumpkin go to the gym?

It wanted to be a Jacked-O-Lantern!

What do chickens do at the gym?

Work on their pecks!

Why did the weightlifter go to therapy?

He wanted to get something off his chest!

I'm not strong enough to keep going to my gym...

So I'm handing in my too-weak notice

I've stopped going to the gym...

It's a huge weight off my shoulders!

What do you call a guy who loves working out?


I just created a fitness app for insects

It's going pretty well, although I'm still working out the bugs!

What do you call Cardi B when she's at the gym?

Cardi O!

What bell doesn't make any noise at the gym?

A dumb-bell!

Why should you join a gym?

Either way, you'll lose a lot of pounds!

Why shouldn't you do stand-up in a gym?

It's a very tough crowd!

The gym is out of protein powder!

No whey!

The new machine at the gym does EVERYTHING!

Crisps, chocolate, fizzy drinks...

My yoga instructor asked how flexible I am...

I said 'Well, I can't do Wednesdays'